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in any research field, sector, or country

SCICOL is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to make research easier, stronger, and more equitable, by facilitating research collaborations.


Available to all researchers for free, so you can focus your time & money on the research. 


Reach out to collaborators in any country, to tackle the world's biggest challenges.


Open to all fields, from the hard sciences to the arts, for infinite research possibilities.


For any sector, including academia, industry, government, non-profit &  independent.



Browse the listings to see if anyone is already looking for a collaborator with your needs or qualifications. Choose if you want to search posts by Providers or Seekers and then you can select filters and key words to narrow your search. 

Providers  |  researchers who aren’t working on a specific project, but have a range of skills, expertise, or access to instruments/equipment to offer

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Seekers  |  researchers who are working on a specific project and looking for a someone with certain skills, expertise, or access to instruments/equipment

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If you can't find the right collaborator by searching, create your own listing. First select if you are Providing or Seeking a collaboration. Then fill out the parameters that apply to your project, and include a description of your ideal collaboration.

Providing  |  you aren’t working on a specific project, but you have a range of skills, expertise, or access to instruments/equipment to offer collaborators

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Seeking  |  you are working on a specific project and are looking for a collaborator with specific skills, expertise, or instruments/equipment to collaborate with 


If you find a promising collaborator, send the poster a message using the form at the bottom of the listing. Messages are emailed directly to the the poster, so the poster's email remains anonymous until they respond.


Any researcher looking to collaborate.  However if you already have plenty of funds, resources, and a great network, you might  not need any help finding collaborators. SCICOL is most beneficial for:

  • Researchers who need immediate access to collaborators

  • Researchers trying to enter a new, international, or multidisciplinary field

  • Researchers who have limited time and/or funding to attend conferences to meet prospective collaborators

  • Junior researchers who are still building their collaborative networks

  • Graduate students hoping to improve their skills and work on more projects right away

  • National labs and other resource providers looking to advertise their facilities more broadly

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Interested in getting involved? Email us at!

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