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Who can use SCICOL?

Anyone interested in conducting research - the site is fully interdisciplinary, international, and multisector. 

How is SCICOL different from other collaborative tools & platforms?

SCICOL is unique in several key ways, but most notably in that it is exclusively a meeting place. SCICOL is not a collaborative tool; once you find a collaborator you work together in whatever manner you see fit, off the site. Most collaborative platforms function to help build on resources and connections you already have, whereas SCICOL aims to make it easier to find new ones. Our focus on accessibility as well as making the site fully interdisciplinary, interntional, and multisector, set us apart as well. 

How much does SCICOL cost?
The entire site is free to use through 2018 while we continue to grow the database. As the site grows we will need to charge a small amount to be able to maintain the site long-term, but our goal is to keep it as inexpensive as possible to ensure that a lack of finances will not prohibit anyone who needs it from using the site. 

How long is my post valid for?
Posts are valid for one year (or until you take it down), after which you can renew the post or create a new one depending on your needs.  


Can I post multiple collaboration requests in a “Seeking” post?
No, you should post every Seeking collaboration request separately – you will be asked to enter several parameters that people will use to search for collaborations, and every project will have different needs. The one exception would be if you’re looking for multiple people to collaborate on the same project in the same way (e.g. to see if several experts all reach the same conclusion from your data).


Can I post multiple skills/instruments in a “Providing” post?
Yes! Each person should only need one “Providing” post – the more skills you list the more likely it is that collaborators will find you.


I have been trained on instruments at my university/workplace – can I list these as skills in a “Providing” post?
SCICOL does not perform background checks on posts or users – it is up to you to use the site in an ethical manner. If you do not personally own the equipment you're using, you should always seek express approval from your advisor or boss, as well as your school or company.


Can I edit my post after I’ve published it?
Yes – simply go to your account to view your posts, and then click on the one you’d like to edit (please note that you cannot change the title or subject areas of your post).


How are collaborators compensated?
“Seekers” can offer publication credit, collaboration on another project, or anything else you think might be appealing to collaborators. Likewise, “Providers” can specify the compensation they'd prefer, but it is up to the users to finalize details before beginning a collaboration. SCICOL encourages collaborations that are focused on producing new work and publications, rather than financial transactions, but we recognize that sometimes monetary compensation is important in ensuring adequate time and materials can be spent. SCICOL does not facilitate or monitor any compensation transactions between users. 

How do I maintain privacy on the site?

Posters do not need to publicize personal information in their posts, and their emails are not be visible to the public. If you want to contact a poster, you must provide your email so they will be able to contact you - once you send them a message through the site, if the poster is interested in working with you they can respond to your message, after which you will have each other's contact information and can begin discussing the collaboration in greater detail.

How do I ensure my work is protected?
SCICOL strongly discourages publishing sensitive data or research details online. SCICOL is a public forum, so we have no control over who accesses the site or how information presented on it is used. It is the responsibility of the poster to decide how much information to share, and how to work with collaborators in a meaningful but secure way.

I’ve encountered a problematic post – can I ask for it to be taken down?
Certainly – SCICOL does not check posts as they are published, but we review complaints and reserve the right to remove any post if we feel it has violated the terms or spirit of the site. To report a post you can fill out a quick form on the “Contact” page.

Does SCICOL take any credit for work that is acheived from collaborators who've used the site?

No - you do not owe us anything for making use of the site; your work (successful or otherwise) is all your own. We would of course love for you to share your experiences with others if you found the site to be valuable, but that is entirely optional.

Why is the site only available in English?

We plan to have a multi-lingual version of the site eventually; once we have better capabilities we plan to update with other languages as soon as possible! 

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