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If you think SCICOL provides an important service, here is how you can get involved:

1) Use the site | The best way you can help as an individual is is to post your own listing. The more listings on SCICOL the more appealing the site will be to prospective users, and all posts are FREE through the end of 2018! Click here to get started!

2) Provide feedback | We are always looking for feedback and suggestions so that we can make the site as user-friendly and beneficial to researchers as possible - if you have a few minutes to tell us what you think, please fill out the feedback form on the Contact page.

3) Share online | Follow us on Facebook & LinkedIn, and share our pages with friends and colleagues (click the links in the footer below) to spread the word and get more researchers involved!

5) Invite us | If you are hosting (or presenting at) a conference, networking session, seminar, or other research-based event, please invite us! We are always looking for opportunities to talk with current and future researchers. You might think we are anti-conference, but we really aren't! Where conferences excel SCICOL does not, and vice versa. We are happy to discuss both in-person and e-conferencing opportunities. 

6) Partner with us | We're hoping to present and exhibit in conferences, workshops, and other events worldwide in a variety of discplines. If your university, company, or agency would like to consider partnering with SCICOL to help us reach more people we would love to talk with you. 

To contact us for investment, partnership, and speaking opportunities please email

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